JWF harnesses the power of markets and knowledge to boost incomes and employment opportunities of women. We acknowledge that greater economic empowerment of women and girls will enable them and their families to achieve greater independence and power. We seek through this pillar, to strengthen women and girls’ position as key economic actors. This has been identified as one way of reducing their exploitation, marginalization and vulnerability. This will be done through the following key strategies;

  • Access to Finance

Lack of capital too often prevents women from launching a business or planting a crop. JWF helps increase access to credit, investment, insurance and other financial services that can create new opportunities for vulnerable women to expand incomes and improve lives.

  • Access to markets

JWF believes that businesses succeed when they give customers what they want. But identifying and accessing the most promising and profitable markets can be a complex and time-consuming task. JWF helps women farmers and entrepreneurs to develop the right products and deliver them to markets that demand them.

  • Entreprenuership & Innovation

JWF believes that business has the power to reduce unemployment and poverty, drive innovation and promote equality.

JWF helps women-led businesses and entrepreneurs deliver those benefits by increasing access to the training, technologies and partnerships necessary to improve products and connect with new markets.

  • Opportunities for Young Women

JWF works to equip young women with the training and resources they need to build fulfilling and productive lives and by developing their skills and interests to become effective leaders of the future.

  • Financial Inclusion

JWF considers financial inclusion as key to achieving the 2030 agenda and for leaving no one behind. The overall objective of the Financial Inclusion is to increase access to financial services and empower women to make rational decisions in their personal finances so as to contribute to economic growth. JWF consider this intervention as a critical factor in improving the quality of life and enhancing financial inclusion in Kenya.