• Strengthening Feminist Voices

To provide critical funding for institutional support, research, collaborations, travel (to conferences, meetings and workshops), on a wide cross section of topics that relate to women’s human rights.

  • Building Young Women’s Leadership

To support interventions that are centered around young women’s voices, that acknowledge their choices, and place their leadership at the centre of the discourse.

  • Access to Justice

To enhance and strengthen women’s access to justice and countering violations of their human rights by investing in the capacity of a cadre of women lawyers to provide high quality legal representation at the primary court levels across Kenya.

  • Influencing Philanthropy and Resource Mobilization

To ensure that women’s movements in Kenya have sustainable access to resources to undertake their work; address their priorities through fundraising from both individual and institutional donors; as well as encouraging more resources for women’s rights work in Kenya.

  • Grant Making and Capacity Strengthening

We aim to make grants accessible to women’s movement(s), women’s organizations, women’s groups and individual women at the local level, contributing to enhanced capacity, and better equipped stakeholders in order to protect and promote women’s rights.

  • Strategic Alliance Building

We aim to strengthen strategic alliances and links between women’s rights organizations and women’s movement (s) in Kenya and beyond for collective action in achieving women’s rights.

  • Institutional Strengthening

We aim to maintain and continuously improve a healthy and sustainable organizational base for realizing and delivering on JWF’s vision and mission and for delivering on JWF’s mandate