JWF applies experience and research-based solutions to challenges in agriculture, health, climate change, and human development. Our expertise ranges from strengthening community engagement and institutional effectiveness to providing training to help our clients to achieve their goals. Our expertise include the following;



JWF cultivates women entrepreneurs to support job creation and more inclusive and sustainable economic growth. JWF believes that women entrepreneurs play a critical role in driving sustained economic growth and providing market-based solutions to address environmental and social challenges.

We believe that connected and supported entrepreneurs can be a force for transformation-they solve problems, create jobs and markets, develop new products, improve livelihoods, empower women and young people, revitalize communities, and increase local and national economic competitiveness. In this regard, JWF offers business skills training to facilitating access to financing and resources.

Further, JWF helps fledging women entrepreneurs reach their potential and expand their sense of possibility


Leadership & Capacity Development

JWF designs her projects to deliver immediate benefits. But we always take a long view of development by transferring skills to local people and organizations so they can sustainably achieve their goals and affect change. We focus on transferring technical skills to prepare a generation of leaders to face tomorrow’s challenges.

We promote evidence-based, collective decision-making, whether around water systems or financial cooperatives. We invest in the long-term potential of smallholder farmers, young entrepreneurs, teachers, community leaders and families to improve their health and livelihoods while ensuring the sustainable use of precious natural resources. For all Services and Solutions,

Gender Technical Services

JWF has experience in undertaking gender mainstreaming work to promote the integration of gender equality and women empowerment concerns into policies, programmes and projects. In this regard, JWF offers technical expertise to clients, which include advice on the best ‘fit’ for various programmes and projects in terms of their likely impact.

JWF’s gender technical support aims to equip organizations, Institutions and Companies with:-

  • Skills to enhance programme/project delivery to improve the lives of women and men
  • Better information dissemination strategies through collating and repackaging their information for diverse client audiences to increase their knowledge of gender issues
  • In depth gender training for targeted groups to enable them to act to improve the lives of women and men
  • Gender policy development and implementation to strengthen clients’ ability to meet the service or other needs of diverse end users
  • Gender sensitive data and information to promote more efficient and effective decision making, programming